Project types

NDT Services & Technologies Quality Services to ASME, API, CSA, ISO and more...
NDE/NDT Service Providor of Industrial Radiography, Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle, liquid penetrant, Eddy current and advanced testing methods. Advanced AUT group and weldscan systems using automated corrosion scanners, phased array, TOFD and creep wave techniques. Our Heavy Wall Casting department uses proprietary 6MeV industrial linear accelerators, Ir192 and Co60 to produce code quality x-ray film for thick and thin materials. Our Destructive testing and engineering laboratories are able to provide welder qualifications, materials testing and fitness for service.
Heavy Wall Radiography
Castings and Vessels up to 16" thick can be radiographed in our facility or up to 8" in the field. More
Refineries & Chemical Plants
Industrial inspections for Code Compliance or Maintenance Planning. Upgrade inspections using the latest technologies. Material verification PMI
Rope Access Inspections
Difficult to reach areas where scaffold is time or cost prohibitive. Dual CGSB / IRATA or SPRAT qualified technicians.
Shipyard Fabrication and Repair Inspections
Servicing Vancouver and Victoria area vessels and drydock facilities. Full NDT Services,including Hull Gauging and Weld Inspections to ABS, LLoyds and others
Pulp & Paper Mills
Recovery & Power Boilers , Digestors and Processes - Maintenance and Build Inspections. Single source solution with fitness for service reviews, NDE, heat treat and quality consulting
Welder Qualification and Procedure Testing
Bend Tests, Charpy, Radiographic testing and others
Hydro Energy Project
Hydro Energy including Run of River Penstocks, Hydro Dams, Tidal Systems
*NEW - See ATC-Weldscan
Above Ground Storage Tanks
Automated Tank Weld Scanning - Digital RT and Automated UT for LNG. API 620, 650 & 653 Inspections.
*NEW - See TruTank DR
Fabrication Shops and Construction Sites
Pressure piping and Vessel weld inspections. Structural Steel erection inspections

What's New

Projects and engineering:
design and fabrication of inspection systems to meet our customer needs
Innovative Inspection Solutions
Providing cutting edge technologies to Recovery Boiler construction by using specially developed lo-pro scanners to perform weld imaging on water wall boilers. Our newest scanners can fit between tubes with 12mm clearance and provide real-time imaging of the completed welds.
Linear Accelerators
Our radiography & engineering departments are developing and commissioning our proprietary 6Mev Linear Accelerator systems. Successful testing of radiographs on steel thickness >16" with 1% sensitivity has opened a new market for high quality heavy wall castings in Canada.
Large Bore Water Piping
Recently developed for a large water treatment project. Stasuk's Research and Development team has designed and built an Auto Tracking Crawler (ATC) for phased array weld scanning of large bore piping from the ID. This new scanner does not require the use of tracks or bands and can automatically steer itself.
Mass Spectrometry Helium Leak Detection
Providing vacuum leak detection testing of large vessels and systems down to 1 x 10 -9 atm cc/sec. Our high efficiency vacuum pumps can pump systems down to under 10 micron or 0.01 Torr. NIST Traceable Calibrator cylinders are retained to verify the system during and after testing. The vessel is pumped down to near 100% vacuum using our roughing pumps, then transfered to the Varian 959 system to continue with the diffusion pumps.