General NDT Services
Stasuk Testing & Inspection provides complete NDT services for industry. For more than 30 years, Stasuk Testing has been a committed service providor working with our clients to ensure optimum quality in the products they produce. We maintain qualified technicians, certified in accordance with multiple governing codes and jurisdictions. Our Quality program maintains documentation, procedures and policies to meet the most rigorous industry standards.

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Ultrasonic sound waves generated by piezo electric crytals are used to measure thickness and defects in materials. Various modes of sound propagation and methods of signal processing provide volumetric information to the inspector. Stasuk Testing offers full services ultrasonic capabilities along with the latest advanced phased array and scanning systems. This is a fast growing field and Stasuk personnel are continualy undergoing training and study of the latest code acceptance and technology advancements to ensure the best possible technology is applied to our customer needs.Contact us for more information
Radiation energy is used by various sources to penetrate materials and produce radiographic images on film and digital media. Suitable energy sources can be used for most weldments, materials and thicknesses. In our head office laboratory we also develop and operate 6MeV linear accelerators for thicknesses greater than 8" and upwards of 16" of solid steel. Our field units are capable of in-situ operations using Co60, Ir192 or up to 300kV X-Ray. With our in-house engineered Close Proximity Radiography setups or more commonly known as Small Controlled Area Radiography (SCAR), our technicians can perform radiographic operations on specific pipe sizes and in special applications with very small radiation boundary zones. Our engineers are now developing advanced CT scanning technology to improve the resolvability on castings for a value added feedback to the solidification modeling and foundry pour designs. See Linear Accelerator Advancements Contact us for more information
Magnetic particle testing utilizes intruments to produce magnetic lines of flux on ferro-magnetic materials. This allows fine magnetic iron particles applied in various carriers to align and produce patterns that indicate surface breaking or sub-surface indications. Contact us for more information
Liquid Penetrant Testing utilizes a penetrating oil to be drawn into surface breaking indications. Capilary action draws the oil into the indications and after a sufficient dwell time, the excess oil is removed, the part is cleaned and a developer is applied to the surface. The developer draws the remaining penetrant from the indications and provides a visible representation of the location and orentation of the indications. Contact us for more information
Eddy Current inspection is typically used to detect surface and near surface defects. Electromagnetic feilds are created by an eddy current coil or series of coils which induce eddy currents in conductive materials. The changes in the eddy current magnetic feilds can detect defects and or material type differences by comparing the generated signals to signals from known defects or known materials. Contact us for more information
Visual Inspection pertains to several aspects including Procedural Verification, Vendor Surveilance and Quality Assurance. Our visual inspectors can perform in-situ component condition assesments, dimensional verification and bolt torque verification. Stasuk Testing also offers certified welding inspection to AWS, CSA, API, ASME and more. We are a registered welder performance testing agency in accordance with the BC Safety - Boiler Branch Division.Contact us for more information
Stasuk Testing offers a wide spectrum of testing and inspection solutions. If you have an specific requirement or need a method to test and verify your products conformance to a design, let us provide you with the options. We will ensure you have an understanding of the benefits and limitations of the various test methods available and make recommendations that best fit your systems and products.
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