Specialty NDE Services
Stasuk Testing & Inspection has been developing innovative inspection technologies to meet the needs of industry. Since the original near drum inspection technology patent to our latest full length high resolution scanners, our engineers design, build and test all of our technologies for field conditions.

Heavy Wall & Casting Radiography

With over 30 years of providing heavy casting and heavy wall vessel radiography, our team of experienced technicians ensure appropriate techniques and energies are used.

With our latest addition to our head office facility we can now produce high quality radiographs on thicknesses that were previously not possible with Cobalt. Our Engineering team has developed a Hi-Output 6MeV Linear Accelerator that can produce 1% sensitivity on heavy wall materials in seconds. With ongoing development of our linear accelerators, we are advancing industrial imaging methods and techniques to provide crucial design and quality information to our customers. Where even 300 curie Cobalt sources could take hours to penetrant a section, our systems can expose film to a much higher quality in a matter of seconds or minutes.

Our Field service technicians provide Cobalt 60 and Iridium 192 in Fabrication shops, construction sites, plants and facilities. We radiograph all materials including Titanium, Zirconium, Stainless Steels, High Alloy Sttels, Carbon Steels, Inconnels, Aluminum, Magnesium, Bronze, Copper, Composites, Carbon Fiber, Ceramics, Concrete and more.

Complex shapes are broken down into multiple exposures and multiple loaded film techniques to ensure sufficient overlapping coverage. The selection of source types and sizes are optimized to provide sufficient penetrameter sensitivity and uG factors. Scatter control and intensification factors are also carefully matched to provide the appropriate results for the thicknesses and Energy of the radiation sources.
Our senior technicians develop shooting diagrams and technique sheets which are provided for critical components when required.

Commercial Quality Control

With an 160KeV Linescan, our conveyor screener has provided quality control services to the food and packaging industries. When metalic items such as bolts, cutter blades or packaging are potentially lost within a batch of skews, they can be x-rayed without opening the packaging. Customers packages can be run on our conveyor system to provide confidence before releasing the product. Our technicians have had sorting runs for truckloads of frozen cakes, to crates of packaged salmon. We initially perform a test run with an expected sample that is desired to be detected. It is then placed on a typical package and depending on the number of packages, we will re-run the sample randomly to ensure the continued ability of the system.

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