Specialty NDE Services
Stasuk Testing & Inspection has been developing innovative inspection technologies to meet the needs of industry. Since the original near drum inspection technology patent to our latest full length high resolution scanners, our engineers design, build and test all of our technologies for field conditions.

Weldscan ATC - Auto Tracking Crawler

Our latest weldscanning system uses proprietary sensors with on-board logic to steer itself and track the weld centerline. Bands or tracks are not required with our Weldscan ATC systems. The system can guide itself to scan spiral welds, long seams and girth welds and can maintain +/- 1mm from the centerline for accurate positioning of defects. Vertical height and length tolerance requirements are based on special custom calibration techniques and can be taylor made for each weld type. ID or OD is no longer a limiting factor and this unit is versatile enough to be manually steered from the control panel or set to automatic mode for self steering. The speed can be regulated to meet PRF and aquisition limitations. It can also be used with any phased array or conventional pulser system which connects to our controler system. This unit is stand-alone and it's internal battery can run the unit during power failures to complete necessary scans.
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