Materials Testing
Stasuk Testing & Inspection provides various materials testing solutions. We provide both destructive and non-destructive testing to determine material grades, strengths and compositions..
Charpy Testing
In-House Charpy Testing

Helium Leak Mass Spectrometry
Helium Leak Detection Testing
Destructive Laboratory - Services
Destructive testing requires that the sample in question is partially destroyed or completely destroyed in the process of testing. Samples sent and tested will be retained for a period of up to 30 days for review but unless otherwise directed the samples will be recycled once reviewed..
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Semi-destructive testing will typically have minimal impact to the sample. Additional re-testing can often occur depending on the sample size. Adhesion tests can produce a damaged sample if failure occures but if adhesion is above the required rating then the sample is not pulled to destruction unless specificaaly requested.
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Many of our material analysis units are portable and can be used in both the laboratory and in the field. Some surface preparation is typically required to remove oxydation or surface impurities prior to sampling.
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